About WyndeHill Studio

My name is Bob Rogers and WyndeHill Studio is the name I used to identify the images I make with my camera. I make images using both film and digital cameras. I have posted my images on Flickr at https://www.flickr.com/photos/wyndehill_studio/

WyndeHill is located in Custer, Wisconsin in the USA and it is where I live. My home is situated on a hill top in a rural setting. I shoot both color and black and white films and do my own developing. I make black and white prints in a dark room but scan my color film and print those digitally or send them out for printing.

I enjoy all types of photography but I am partial to landscapes and nature: birds in particular. I am also a freelance photographer and writer of human interest stories. So in that capacity I also do portrait photography. My first camera was a Nikkorex F 35mm film camera. Currently I shoot mainly with Nikon and Olympus cameras, both digital and film. I have several medium format film cameras as well as two 4×5 cameras.